Create an SVG table from a CSV file

Upload a comma seperated value (CSV) file containing tabluar data to generate an image of the table in Scalable Vector Graphs (SVG) format.

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What is this tool?

This tool converts a Comma Separated Value (CSV) file into a Salable Vector Graphics (SVG) image of a table representing the data within the CSV. To use it, select a CSV file on your computer, the SVG as well as link to download a standalone SVG file will be generated. You can use the options to change the font and text size of the table as well as toggle the lines separating the columns or rows and whether the rows will be highlighted with alternating background colors.

Why is this necessary?

In most cases, it probably isn't. There are generally better ways to display tabular data. For example, websites should use HTML tables. However, you may be required to use a proprietary, closed-source CMS that does not support adding arbitrary HTML and lacks adequate tools for building tables. I was in just such a situation, which is why I built this tool. If you have found your way to this page it’s likely because you’re in a similar situation. If you have the ability to display tables as HTML instead of SVG, that would almost certainly be better, but if not, I hope you find this tool helpful.

If you search Google for "CMS to SVG converter" you will get many results for tools, but the output from these tools is marginal at best, and completely illegible in most cases. For example compare the output from Convertio's CSV to SVG converter which the first result on Google (click here for image) with the output from this tool for the same data (click here for image.) You'll see similar results for just about every tool you can find online, whch is why I was compelled to build this one.

Comments? Bugs? Suggestions?

Please send an email to me, Topher Rhodes at contact [at] topherrhodes [dot] com.

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